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Public Message from A. J. Wildman
Posted on Election Day – November 8, 2022
Time to Take a Break

So here we are my fellow American men, women, and children! It is finally Election Day 2022. We thought this campaign would never end!

This simple off-year Congressional Election and its direct downstream impact on the 2024 Presidential Election Cycle, will be studied for many years to come. Very nicely put the last six (6) in American politics has been a slow-motion train wreck!

Thus, today finally ends the turbulent 2022 US Congressional Election Cycle. What needless and utter election stupidity we will need to endure starting tomorrow on Wednesday November 9th remains to be seen.

For myself, as they say, nothing ventured – nothing gained! Unfortunately, I was not successful introducing the Third-Party Independent Movement and the TIPA Party to the Public this year. Or my Maryland US Senate campaign for that matter. Of course, my existing knowledge of the nation’s electoral campaign system was expanded. And my 40+ proposal problem-solving TIPA Platform drew very positive public interest, as expected.

The future will determine the relevance of the Independent TIPA Third-Party to our Political system, to the Voters, and for the Common Good of us all.

TIPA Public Election Day Declaration

I am an Optimistic Realist

As a true political Independent, my long-standing belief is that both political Parties are failing us in unique and overlapping ways. And that failing legislative job evaluation applies to the US House and Senate, as well as, all 50 State Legislatures (50SL) across the nation.

“The polls” say the Republicans could win control over both the US House and Senate in this election. That public tragedy would only make 2024 more difficult, but still doable!

However, I have some personal views on today’s vote, that make me want to believe it won’t be as bad as they think. It could be foolish, but that is my sense of it.

I have always believed in what I call the Will of the American Electorate. It is a force within the American Spirit that is only concerned with the Common Good of the People. To vote what is best regardless of the politics of the day. It elected a Black American president after 8 years of Bush II. It would not allow P45 to be re-elected. The simple reason why more people voting in every election cycle is because more of us are worried. Rightfully worried.

I have been an active political observer for over 50 years. Over those years, “Concerns for Democracy” was never on the lists of the Voter concerns, let alone at the top of some of them.

However, since early 2021 the Republican Party and its extremely narcissistic, want-to-be-a-dictator leader have turned their backs on Democracy and the US Constitution. Thus, they have turned their backs on America, itself. To be clear, I am slamming the Republican Party leadership and elected officials. Not talking about the Republican Voters. Each of us must decide among the weak choices that we are given. Thus, we must demand better choices by 2024!

The bottom line of my prayer for this historic national vote, is that voters realize we are truly voting for Democracy. Simply stated, that means “Republicans Out” and “Democrats In”.

Voting for a Democrat is better than voting Republican and electing an anti-Democracy candidate. Of course, some people will just not vote for either. That still is one (1) less Republican vote! There it is…
Again, if things don’t go well in this Election, it will be a bit more challenging in 2024, but Democracy will prevail.

The Republicans other 800-pound problem is the on-going Abortion Services disaster that they caused and they keep right on pushing. That is the voting challenge to women and the men who love them. To rightfully punish Republican candidates in the US Congress and 50 State Legislatures, as well.

Finally, I want folks to know that for many years now, there have been more Americans identifying themselves as political Independents, some 40%, as opposed to Democrat or Republican. I believe that is simply because neither Party works to fix our problems. Thus, they do not serve our Common Good. They do not work for We the People.

A viable Independent Third Party with a problem-solving Platform is the only answer. This is the TIPA Platform website CommonSense2nd.com. We the People now have a prudent and practical Platform we can work with and support!

So, there it is! We will soon see the amount of post-election stupidity we will need to endure as the Republican Party Leadership reacts to the vote. More Republican lies are anticipated.

We the People, can no longer tolerate such self-serving politicians. Especially, those that are against Democracy and the US Constitution.

I thank you for taking of your time to read my words to you.

Then, I pray safety for you, your family and those you otherwise care about, and the other 330,000,000 American citizens that you and I shall never, ever meet!
Take care, A J

P.S. SPEAKING OF WEIGHT LOSS – And just because I do care for everyone’s health, I placed a link below for the 1-page, 3-Day Weight Loss program originally published by the American Heart Association. I have used only it for years. If you do the 3-days – you will lose pounds!

This is not a joke. And, it is also not a diet! It is a “regular” food, 3-day eating regimen. It works!

“3-Day Weight Loss”

3-Day Weight Loss PDF




Postings prior to November 2022


We the People’s – 2022 Shock & Awe Write-In Vote for Democracy

Special 2022 Congressional Election Section

The TIPA 2022 Third Political Party Movement

The references and spreadsheets provided below will give you a clear perspective on how many Federal and State elected offices therein are wide open for our 2022 Write-In Candidate Movement.  They show the number of incumbent Democrat and Republican seats there are by Filing Deadline Month and State.  Also shown are summary totals by Write-In Candidate Filing Deadline MONTH and Party.  

As of September 1st, there are 68 days until the Nov 8th Election.

Technically, as of September 1st – there are literally thousands of seats still available to Write-In Candidates:

There are 256 of 469 seats in the US Congress across 34 of 50 states, currently held by 129 Democrats and 127 Republicans. 

There are 5,272 of 7,383 seats across 34 of 50 State legislatures, currently held by 2,425 Democrats and 2,756 Republicans. 

Surprising numbers, aren’t they?!

NOTE: Depending on the State, there are also Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General seats open to last minute Write-In challengers. That should get some people instantly excited!

The 2022 Party Primary Season
So, the Party primaries are in full swing and they want us believe, as most of us do, that our two (2) choices will come out of that process. That we are stuck with only those two (2) choices!

Not so! This is where, if we take matters into our own hands like our national ancestors did in 1776. We can execute our own Shock and Awe Campaign against both parties in the USC and 50 State Legislatures (50SL)!

We the People, the citizens of America – have lost our respect for and so our patience with both Federal and 50-State legislatures. Therefore, We acknowledge the Democracy-based absolute necessity to begin their deliberate replacement.

While some of those elected officials are actually competent – as a group they are collectively failing the Common Good of our families, our society, the economy, and the failing environment. Public safety in too many of our neighborhoods is a coin toss!

In Washington, DC – no matter which Party “in charge” of the White House, the US Senate, or the US House, their primary goal is to maintain the legislative Status Quo. And keep their precious jobs!

The Shock and Awe reality is that as of September 1st more 50% of all USC and 50SL seats are still open to a Write-In candidate option.

And neither Party wants us to know that!!

    • 22 of 34 US Senate seats
    • 234 of 435 US House seats
    • 5,272 of the 7,383 seats across all 50SLs
    • 1,356 of 1,972 State Senate offices
    • 3,916 of 5,411 State House offices.
In all cases above, those Write-In numbers include Filing Month Deadlines with:
    • 10 states closing in September.
    • 9 states closing in October. None of those states are closing before October 18th!!
    • 15 states are not closing until the first week in November or on Election Day itself (11-8-22).
This leaves the door open for the first nationally coordinated Independent Write-In Movement.

The TIPA Electoral Focus

That said, the primary 2022 voting goal, is to replace as many legislative obstructionists and Democracy threatening Republicans as possible in both the US Congress and 50 State legislatures.  And to take a hard look at replacing the “extremely Progressive” Democrats, as they are not helping the Common Good much either.  

In this scenario in the USC, 129 are Democrat and 127 are Republican seats are still open.

In this scenario in the 50SL, 2,425 are Democrat and 2,756 are Republican seats are still open.

Amazing right?

This means for instance that Pro-Choice abortion access forces could seek to run TIPA Platform Candidates, committed to supporting the TIPA Platform, against Republicans incumbents in those States. Victories in those cases would reduce the Republican majority in a given State Legislature and thus, decrease the Republican ability to block populous legislation, such as Abortion access.

Neither Party wants the Voters to know that, either. Let’s go get them!

#10 US Congress Write-Ins by State and Filing Date
#11 US Congress Write-Ins by Filing Date and State
#12 US Congress Write-Ins Totals by Filing Deadline Month
#13 US Congress – Targeting Republican Incumbents – especially in the US Senate!

#14 US Congress – SENATE – 34 Incumbents – 20 Republicans Need to Go!!
#16 USC Write-In Month State Top Officials Also Up for Election

#20 50 State Legislatures Write-Ins by State and Filing Date
#21 50 State Write-Ins by Filing Date and State

#22 50 States Write-Ins Totals by Filing Deadline Month
#23 50 State – Targeting Republican Incumbent Majorities in State Legislatures

#30 US Census Household Income
#31 TIPA Generation Groupings

Our 2022 TIPA Platform Candidate's Starter Platform

The 20 Critical TIPA Problem Solution Briefs

Our 20 Critical Problem Solutions List

Too often potential Third-party efforts fail because the leader or leaders only have one or two public issues they are really driving. Even though they are popular topics, the public observes the related candidates as not serious enough and lose interest. Not so with our Third-party Platform!

The People demand solutions to our long-standing – solvable social and economic problems! The TIPA Platform is my best effort at confronting long-standing public problems in our communities. They are the result of thousands of one-on-one talks with Americans of ALL types, ages, and opinions!

1. Food for All Citizens
2. Implement the US Re-Employment System
3. Suspend ALL Non-Formal Immigration - No More Illegal Occupants (IO's)
4. Demanding the US Constitution Abortion Rights Amendment
5. No Financial Reparations for Black Americans
6. The US Wealth Tax – The Economic Peace Tax (EPT) Policy.
7. A Fixed Address for all of our Citizens
8. Establish National White Americans Day (In late September - making a point!)
9. Cannabis Industry as a Small Business, only—including Maryland!
10. Hemp for American Farmers – Finally
11. Near-Term Reassignment of Bad Cops
12. The 90-Day Death Penalty Reform
13. Reformation of All Family Support Services
14. Reinstatement of the Military Selective Service Program
15. Prostitution will be Federally Legalized
16. The US Recycling Industry
17. Refunding Covid19 Overcharges – Pandemic Wartime Profiteering
18. Save the Truckers Jobs
19. Regarding Our Failing Environment
20. Health Care in America is a Disgrace

Draft of 2022 Compromise US Constitution Abortion Amendment

(Pass Similar Legislation by Feb 2023!)

Draft US Amendment 

2022 Election – Official US Congress (USC) and 50 State Legislatures (50SL) - Candidate Qualifications for Independent Write-In Candidates

The following Write-in candidate qualification charts have been researched and produced for both the US Congress and all 50 state legislatures.

 US Senate Write-In Qualifications by State

US House Write-In Qualifications by State

50 State Senate Write-In Qualifications by State

50 State House Write-In Qualifications by State

US Senate Incumbents – 20 Republicans – 14 Democrats

(The Republican Senate Legislative Blockade Must Go!)

2022 US Senate Incumbents

“We Americans Will Not Be a House Divided”
(Even though they very much want us to be!!)

In 1776 “Their” American Revolution –
 246 Years Later –
In 2022 “Our” American Reformation

Common Sense II
o     o     o     o

To clarify the true need for the Public’s private consideration of these practical proposals, here are the opening words from Thomas Paine’s revolutionary pamphlet, Common Sense (February 1776).  The historic pamphlet that George Washington credited with focusing the English colonists on the need for, as Paine wrote therein, “a declaration of independence”,

Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages, are not YET sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favour; a long habit of not thinking a thing WRONG, gives it a superficial appearance of being RIGHT, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom. But the tumult soon subsides. 

“Time makes more converts than Reason”

We the People - Do Hereby Demand

The American Reformation 2022
"Conducting Our Peaceful Third and Final American Civil War
and Our Second and Final American Revolution"

ο   ο   ο   ο

Two Critical Actions That Frame Our Reformation!
First, We DEMAND the "immediate closure" of our nation’s borders,
Suspension of all Non-Formal Immigration, and the implementation of a National ID!
Second, We Will Begin Electoral Replacement of Useless
Federal and State Politicians – Both Republicans and Democrats!!
ο   ο   ο   ο

May 11th Campaign Letter to My US Senate Opponent
US Senator Chris Van Hollen and Democrat Party Leadership.
Legislative Solution Challenge Number One – US Immigration Control
The People’s Simple Solution – Closing Our National Borders in May 2022
With the Real Side-Benefit of Disrupting the Mexican Drug Flow

Immigration Closure Proposal May 11, 2022

Now for the Truly Disturbing Population Numbers – Brace Yourself

First, the Federal government openly acknowledges that there are an estimated ten (10) million unknown Illegal Occupants (IOs) walking free within our borders. Evenly spread over those 36 years, it averages 277,777 IOs per year!! The same population as Plano, Texas; and Newark, NJ!!

Next for a sobering perspective! Comparing the year 2000 and year 2020 US Census events. It documents our nation’s Citizen population racial growth.

Racial Grouping 2000 2020 Growth % Growth
White 196,000,000 197,271,953 1,271,953 Less 1%
Black/African 36,000,000 43,984,096 7,984,096 22%
Asian 10,000,000 19,366,132 9,366,132 93%
Hispanic or Latino 37,000,000 60,724,312 23,724,312 64%

2000 vs 2020 US Census on Racial Groupings and 2022 Sex Tables

Dramatic 20-Year Citizen Population by Race Comparison 

  • The White population went up less 1.5 million in 20 years. That is disturbing and will be discussed another time.
  • The Hispanic citizen count increased an average of 1.2 million per year!
  • In the year 2000, the Hispanic citizen population was already 1,000,000 more than the Black. By 2020 that number grew 17,000,000. That my fellow Americans is what we can rightly declare as out-of-control border abuse. Enough is enough, and in this case it is way too much!

The 2-Part Common Sense II (CSII)
Written by A. J. Wildman, who is a 2022 Independent candidate for Maryland US Senator.
He founded The Independent Party of America (TIPA) and developed the TIPA Platform. Originally posted on April 
28th 2022.

CSII Text (27 pages) 

Part 1, Closing Our National Borders IMMEDIATELY !!

  1. The TIPA Immigration Reformation Proposal. It will work! 
  2. Closing the nation’s borders
  3. Placing troops along all 1962 miles of the US/Mexico border for at least one (1) year.

Part 2, Our Third Party and Replacing Failed Politicians

  1. The TIPA Electoral Strategy for 2022, 2024, and beyond.
  2. To run Independent TIPA candidates against incumbent Republicans and Democrats in the US House and Senate.  And 50 State Legislatures. 
  3. Challenges Americans to start TIPA Local Chapters across the nation.
  4. Find and promote their problem-solving TIPA Platform candidates. 
  5. Mentions a few other popular proposals. 

The Independent Party of America (TIPA)

We the People, could now join together and Act to Preserve our Sacred Democracy.

To do so, we will begin Replacing the failed members of our
dysfunctional and sold-out Federal and State legislatures in 2022.

We Americans Will Not Be a House Divided!
Not Socially, Economically or Politically!!
We the People are Mad as Hell with Failed Politicians
and We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore!
Thus, it is Time My Fellow Citizens for a “Viable Third Political Party”

The American Reformation 2022

My fellow Americans, this Movement is what I have named, The American Reformation 2022. This is the virtual birth of a viable Independent Third Political Party Movement. Introducing, The Independent Party of America (TIPA).

The following documents will provide a brief overview of what We need to do in 2022 and how We will begin doing just that. And it very well could succeed! We will make our first Electoral stand in 2022 and will set the political stage to win even more elected offices in 2024. Especially, if  You decide to join this Independent Movement and help us make it happen! Please do and bring a politically frustrated friend with you!! We need each other right now, don’t we?

The following four (4) documents address the politically dysfunctional state of our nation and what We could very well decide to do about it starting in March 2022. We review the TIPA created Reformation, the Big Picture of our 2022 and 2024 Electoral Plans, the 2022 Campaign Plan, and my campaign opening Stomp Speech on Ending Illegal Immigration on 4-15-2022. There could not be a more fitting date…

  1. The American Reformation  Subtitled, “Conducting Our Peaceful Third and Final Civil War, and Our Second American Revolution” And that is not over-stating what is now at stake, folks!

  2. The TIPA Independent Third Party - Electoral Campaign Strategy for 2022 and 2024 – Deliberately replacing the dysfunctional current membership of the US Congress. Also, many in the 50 State Legislatures, and various other elected seats in State governments.

  3. Our Practical, 7-Phase 2022 Independent Electoral Game Plan – A workable game plan to work our way thru the 2022 Congressional Campaign cycle and to win some Congressional seats this November.

  4. First Critical Stomp Speech – Ending Immigration in 2022 – April 15th Would be Nice! Calling on and challenging Maryland’s US Congressional Delegation of two (2) US Senators and eight (8) US Representatives to submit emergency legislation to end Immigration. Preferably, this will take effect by April 15, 2022. It would be most effective if President Biden, Senator Mitch McConnell, and Nancy Pelosi jointly signed the Immigration Ending legislation on April 15, 2022. Honoring the tax dollars that will be saved this Summer and forever that will be saved by ending this national invasion!

TIPA US Immigration Reformation and Our Independent 3rd Party

  1. US Immigration Reformation Proposal & Building Our Third Party – This presents the TIPA Immigration Reformation Proposal and the Demand that the US Congress Suspend immigration as of 4-15-22.  It also highlights starting up the TIPA Third Party Movement in 2022 and about TIPA Platform candidates running against Incumbents in this November's Congressional Election. We are challenging the US Congress to act immediately, or the incumbents could face real opposition in November.
  2. US Immigration Reformation Proposal Brief – This presents the TIPA Immigration Reformation Legislative Proposal without a lot of other background references. 

A. J. Wildman 2022 Maryland US Senate Campaign
Independent Candidate vs Democrat Incumbent for Maryland, US Senator

Hello, folks! This is Andrew J. (A J) Wildman. I hope that you will find your visit to our Independent Platform website interesting, informative, and even encouraging! We could all use a little encouragement right about now, me included.

The link below is to my formal 2022 US Senate campaign announcement. I am running to become Maryland’s next US Senator. If so, honored by my fellow Marylanders, I would serve them in the US Senate as a true, common-sense problem-solver. And not a quiet one, at that!

AJ's 2022 US Senate Campaign Announcement Link  

Mine will be a 50-State campaign for Maryland’s US Senate seat !!

During the campaign, I will be demonstrating what I believe the true role of a US Senator should be. In that, while Senators are supposed to be concerned about serving their State – they must also serve those in the other 49 States and Washington, DC.

To be clear, I am asking hundreds of my fellow citizens across our nation to step forward and actually run for “elected public office” in 2022. It can happen! That could mean them running for a seat in the US Congress, their State legislature, and even in Local government. Technicaly, a vast number of elected official could be in play over the rest of 2022.  Even though both Parties are working to limit competition.

I determined that in order to attract the public’s attention and hope to earn their support for the TIPA Platform, it would be best for me to run for office myself. The old, lead by example routine! And, of course, to give encouragement to other unknown yet capable men and women to take action.

American Citizen Statistics – 2020 US Census Data

 (Everyone you know is in here, Folks!)

  1. US 2000 and 2020 Census Racial Groupings and 2020 Sex Tables Link
  2. The TIPA Generations Groupings Table Link
  3. US Population by Year, Age, and Generations Table Link
  4. 2019 IRS Household Income and 2021 Poverty Tables Link

TIPA Related Sites

  1. CS2News Podcast (Please review past postings on the TIPA Platform proposals)
  2. CS2News Channel on YouTube  (Please review past postings on the TIPA Platform proposals)
  3. Book Site: The Second Coming of Common Sense (CS2) by A J Wildman/2008 - free download 718 pages and or by soft cover at VirtualBookWorm.com 

On Other Issues

  1. This Simply Works – Heart Association 3-day Weight Loss Regimen - NOT A DIET!!
  2. A J Wildman Resume

We Americans Will Not Be a House Divided
(Even though they very much want us to be!!)

o     o     o     o

(Published Prior to 2020 Presidential Election)

American Reformation 2020/2021

Practical Democratic Party Platform Supplement

Every Life Counts and Black Lives Matter

George Floyd Intersection and Memorial Area George Floyd Intersection and Memorial Area


The George P. Floyd Law – The 90-Day Death Penalty
The American Democratic Economic Reformation

Protest Signage

Death Penalty for Free Will Murderers
Reassign Bad Cops NOW
Fixed Address and Food to Eat
(FAFE) for ALL
No More Evictions Through 6/30/21
Cap Food Prices Through 6/30/21
Guaranteeing No More Hunger
Refund the CUC Now

Black Lives Matter

Every Life Counts


"Saving State and Federal Budgets from Abusive Covid19 Unit Chargers (CUC)"

Click Here for
27-min. Podcast

A J Wildman's 2020 Campaign Message for Americans
"Bringing in the 2021 Post-Trump, Post-Republican Party Era in America"

Click Here for
62-min. CS2NEWS Video

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60-min. Podcast

The 2020 American Food and Housing Stability Programs
and Promoting a National Lockdown to Stop COVID-19

Click Here for
12-Page PDF

Click Here for
65-min. CS2NEWS Video

Click Here for 
65-min. Podcast

All 50 States Must Start COVID-19 Mitigation by April 7th
–or– More People Die in June

Click Here for
27-Min. CS2NEWS Video
Youtube Video

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27-min. Podcast

The Solutions for Americans Campaign
A Practical Independent Political Movement for the
Common Good of Our Citizens, Our Nation, and the Environment

Vote Green

All Content is Written and Presented by
A J Wildman, Founder of The Independent Party of America (TIPA)

Presenting My Fellow Americans with Our Politically Independent,
Citizen-Oriented, Detailed, Problem-Solving Platform.
Promoting the Nationwide Growth of 
 The Independent Party of America (TIPA)


Those who dare to fail miserably, can achieve greatly.
— John F. Kennedy
Leadership is taking people where they need to go, but do not know how to get there.
— A. J. Wildman


Introduction – Our 2020 Voter Revolution in Brief

o     o     o     o

The 2020 Presidential and Congressional Election

An Equal and Opposite Political Re-Action

Bringing in the 2021 Post-Trump, Post-Republican Party Era in America

I am not saying this deliberate civil action that We the People must now undertake will be comfortable or easy, but it is absolutely necessary. This action is fully within our Constitutional Power to execute in order to Preserve and Protect, certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness... from the Declaration of Independence

Our Radical and Constitutionally Rightful – Voter Revolution in Brief

This is our challenge, my fellow American citizens, and particularly all those of voting age. To come together and on November 3, 2020 – Presidential and Congressional Election Day – to Declare our Rightful ownership and direction of our national government for the Common Good of our citizens.

On that day, the frustrated Majority of the American Electorate will deliberately go to the polls to vote in Common Purpose.
The Purpose of our Vote being to remove as many Republican Party members from the US Senate and US House, as possible.
That is, in addition to Voting Donald John Trump out of our White House on 11-3-2020.

  • Up to, if not all of the 22 Republican US Senator seats that are up for election that day. 
  • Up to, if not all of the 195 Republican US House Representative seats that are up for election that day, as well. 
  • And while We are satisfactorily attending to our problem in Congress, at the same time, we will vote the failed President Trump out of the office and our White House. 
  • The Trump Administration has been an on-going national failure.  Trump’s personal lies totaling over 14,000 documented incidents, and many illegal activities have shown him incompetent for that great office.  As a result, he was properly and justly Impeached by the US House of Representatives. 
  • Since Trump took office in January 2017, the Republications in Congress have sold their political souls to defend and protect Trump even when everyone in the room knows they are lying to protect him.  They are sitting in the Congressional Impeachment hearings and lying.
  • Thus, I declare them all to be Lame Ducks in the 2020 Election cycle. And for the good of our nation, they all need to be Voted out…  
  • They will be replaced in the Senate or House seat with a Democrat or an Independent candidate. 

A peaceful, historic national and world-changing political revolution where the only weapons used are the votes that Founders gave us - our Civil Right and Obligation to discharge as We determined the need – to maintain practical and prudent public control over our government.

We the People will demonstrate our Common Disgust for the publicly dysfunctional US Congress.  In a monumentally historical voter action, some Republicans will Vote against their failed Party’s members in Congress and vote in whomever the other party is running against them no matter how painful it could feel!

Boldly declaring by majority vote, the public’s solid Support of the 39+ problem-solving legislative proposals detailed in the Platform of The Independent Party of America (TIPA).  Further, implying our absolute Expectation that the newly elected legislators of the US Congress will immediately prepare and pass the legislation recommended in those proposals.

True problem confronting social and economic Reform for the Common Good of our citizens and nation before all others! Reforms that directly confront and override the political abuse of the Wealthy and 8 to 10 Big Industries that the Masses of our citizens have suffered from more and more over the last few decades.

o     o     o     o

For historical perspective, in January of 1776, the revolutionary writer Thomas Paine published the pamphlet Common Sense that challenged our national ancestors' to declare what he called a “declaration of independence” from King George III and the British Empire. “Just” to go to war with the greatest military force on earth! Something that no colony ever even attempted, let alone won. For that effort, he declared they could become free citizens of their own free, independent, and sovereign nation. Paine wrote on the formation of “representative government” with members elected by the people to act for them in a new Democratic form of the central government.

In fact, only about 10% of the English colonists in the American colonies actually actively participated in their Revolutionary War. That is, 250,000 of the roughly 2.5 million colonists acted in the war effort. In all, 10% of those serving died fighting in their revolution! Ironically meaning about 25,000 or 1% of the entire colonial population died, giving the other 99% their freedom from the King’s oppression. Remember Occupy Wall Street telling us about the 1% vs. the 99%? Today 1% of our population would be at least 3,200,000 of us. Thanks to their sacrifice, all we need to do is VOTE!

Thus, Democracy in Government was born. America took its place among the nations of the world. Our national ancestors' sacrifice also provided the peoples in all the other nations in the world with a living example of freedom for the masses that they could work toward.

Our Revolution Will be Peaceful Yet Historically Equal in Magnitude

As we know, the American colonists fought a long and bloody Revolutionary War against their own countrymen. They gained individual freedom, in their own nation, and under a Democracy. It would serve us all well to acknowledge that since the first casualties in the American War for Independence, that some 1,262,000+ men and women have given up their lives in battle to Preserve our Right to vote and to control our own government…

The very least each of us can do is to get registered to vote if we are not already. Then do whatever we need to do to get to the polls
and VOTE on 11-3-2020. Period!

We the People of 2020 and those of us eligible to vote on November 3rd, in particular, are now challenged to – by our collective votes – throw out the failed elected officials of our oppressive, publicly dysfunctional, elected national government. And, all that you, me, and about 75,000,000 other Americans need to do is deliberately go to the polls that day and vote to replace the useless parts of our broken government. We each get one (1) vote – our virtual one (1) shot in our Second American Revolution.

Thankfully, in the confrontation with our oppressive and publicly useless government, We the People only need to drive to the polls, wait in line drinking coffee or soda is we like, cast our most precious vote, watch as the returns tallied that evening, and see the world changed the very next day!

And remember my fellow Americans that no one and nothing can stop from doing this!

We will make the Founders proud of us. Our children, too! Believe me; they have been watching us…

A J Wildman


A J Wildman 2020 Independent Presidential Announcement

Announcement Parts 1 and 2 – 15 pages

Posted July 15, 2019
Ended Jul 19, 2020

Part 1 Podcast

Campaign Announcement and Congressional Roadblocks

Part 2 Podcast

Campaign Strategy Overview and Demand Legislation

“The Solutions for Americans Campaign”

“I declare that, just because something is the ‘usual’ way things have been done, it does not mean it serves the way things need to work today – for the Common Good of our citizens and the environment that we and those that follow us require.”  AJW


Union Bridge, MD, 21791

Self-Published by A J Wildman

A Timely American Short Story  (2014, 44 pages)

Common Sense 2012 and our 99% Solution  (2012, 128 pages)

The Second Coming of Common Sense CS2  (February 9, 2008; 718 pages)

CS2 Book Front Cover and Back Covers

CS2 Complete Book

National Drug Reform Proposal  (2003, 137 pages)

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Read and/or order the book, The Second Coming of Common Sense

Written by A J Wildman


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please forward them to:


Union Bridge, MD, 21791

I will appreciate your feedback. I hope that you find the true Independent platform and public-oriented problem-solving concepts presented herein to be practical for our Common Good, at least!

Thank you so much for all the good work.

Please feel free to call or text (410-443-9608, only) anytime of the day.  If I do not answer I will call you back shortly. 

Take care, 

A J Wildman

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