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Demand Legislation

Drafts of Our Demand Legislation 

The following is the initial set of the legislative Expectations of the American Electorate leading up to the 11-3-2020 Presidential and Congressional National Election Day.

These are some of the Legislative Solutions that will drive my 2020 Presidential campaign. There are many more in the TIPA Platform.  I prefer to refer to the following as Demand Legislation.  I intend to work with the Democratic Party and their House and Senate candidates to bring the TIPA Platform benefits to the voters.  

These are examples of legislative Reforms that we must push for PRIOR to the 2020 Election.  Many of these could be passed in the US House before the Election and put upon the US Senate.  Then, should Mitch “The Dictator” McConnell do his usual “block good public legislation” routine – the 2020 voters will have more good reasons to vote out the 21 Senators and 196 Representatives running for re-election 11-3-2020. 

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In the pages on this website, there are well over 40 separate bills and proposed Amendments have been identified.
Especially, on the Solutions and Amendments Pages.

Wording and some details will need to be finalized, but no legislative games will be tolerated. Further, each of these pieces of legislation will be passed clean and as is. NO riders or Special Interest attachments will be tolerated. The final wording of each bill will be published in newspapers and websites for public verification and before the President signs each of them. Finally, the President will not attach a Signing Statement to modify the final wording and/or function of the legislation. No more backroom games to weaken, if not gut the purpose of good public serving legislation. Those days are done.

The legislation presented below is designated with an HR prefix as they would be introduced in Congress by the US House members. They will not be the eventual legislative Bill Number, but will be used by the public as an easy reference prior to and after Election Day.

Note: Individual bills or legislation originated by the US House of Representatives are prefixed by the letters “HR,” e.g., HR 1215.
Those originated by the US Senate are prefixed by the letter “S,” e.g., S 1066.

Also, each of proposed legislation will contain a description for the public to review and become familiar with during the remainder of the campaign right up to Election Day. The descriptions will be refined to further clarify what the voters will expect the legislation to provide our citizens and the nation. Some background will be presented for each piece of proposed legislation. The exact wording of the legislation will be formed based upon that intent.

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The descriptions of the following legislation are detailed under the Solutions Page of this website.

NOTE: There will be many more pieces of legislation added herein for the public’s review. See the Solutions Page of this website for many examples!

Immediate After-Election Policy Reforms

If elected your President in November 2020, then on February 1, 2021 – I will sign whatever Presidential Order or legislation is required to implement the following critical programs to save Jobs and help to save our Climate. That is, if they are not started before that.

HR 1000 – No Automated Trucking in America – Controlling AI Technology (AI)

The development of “Driverless Big Trucks” is underway and are already being tested!  THIS WILL BE STOPPED under my Administration and the Democrats need to embrace this practical Jobs legislation early in 2020…

There are approximately 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States, according to estimates by the American Trucking Association. The total number of people employed in the industry, including those in positions that do not entail driving, exceeds 8.7 million. (source: AllTrucking,.com).

The government has the power to stop this destructive automation.  There is no way to immediately replace those good and critical jobs or the related income levels.  And the “green jobs” argument does not play in this scenario.  Period!!

HR 1001 – No Fly Tuesday and Wednesday – Aggressive and Historic Climate Civil Action

This is a radical, yet unquestionably practical civil action that would energize the entire climate movement.  I am calling for an International Boycott of all passenger flights on every Tuesday and Wednesday permanently.  It should produce at least a 20% decrease in the pollution caused by airline exhaust. This will be huge!! 

Yes, it would be a difficult adjustment for some businesses, but it will be accomplished!  It is critical to cutting a major source of emissions in the next years.  I intend to ask the Environmentalist like Greta Thunberg to support and drive this Climate saving civil action. 

And it is most important to note that if The People of the World decide to make this civil action happen – there is absolutely NOTHING that either business or government can do to stop us!!!  Our call to Action…

Cost-of-Living Reforms

The first grouping of Expected legislation generally addresses the Cost-of-Living (COL). Since in reality we cannot demand that all employers give their employees for example, a $5.00 per hour raise the nation must approach the COL crisis from the other direction. If you can come up with another approach that produces equal results immediately, please write it down and post on the Internet for us all see review and decide upon. Otherwise remain silent while we address the problem for the Common Good!

HR 2000 – Grocery Store Pricing Control and Food Industry Restructuring

This means every grocery store changer in the nation that are not privately held. Prices will be initially capped and reduced by some percentage and frozen for at least two (2) years while we sort that entire Food out. Again, we will take care of the grocery stores (within reasonable profitability), the farmers, and the fishermen. Every entity in between will be reviewed for excessive/unnecessary markups, especially the Commodities Market.

Many a revolution was started over food!!

HR 2001 – Mortgage Payment Restructuring

This will apply to both owner-occupied and rental properties. A 20% reduction in Principle and Interest monthly payments.

HR 2002 – National Rent Control

This will apply to all rental housing and to the “lot type fees” in mobile home communities. Again, the 20% reduction target.

HR 2003 – Gasoline Pump Price Controls

We will begin to bring the Oil Industry accountable for the pricing games and their damage to the environment. As we will with Coal and Natural Gas corporations.

HR 2004 – Student Loan Payment Reform

Payments will be automatically reduced 50% and recalculated.

HR 2005 – Higher Education Cost Reforms

All, State colleges, and universities will enact a 25% reduction in tuition, starting with the Fall 2021 semester. To be 20% less the Fall 2017 rates. And my feeling is that all Private colleges and universities should be held to the same standard. Many will scream at this reduction, but that is simply too bad! Many schools will need to cut their athletic spending due to these reductions. Frankly, they are is business to educate the whole student population – not spend excessively on part of it. The alumni can chip in for sports!

All Tuition will be frozen for 2 to 3 years.

Industry Related Reforms

HR 2006 – Medical Insurance Industry Restructuring

This key Reform legislation is the seemingly radical, yet highly practical and involuntary corporate restructuring of the entire Medical Insurance Industry. For details please refer the Proposal #22 – Medical Insurance for ALL Americans, in the book The Second Coming of Common Sense. I used the Medical Insurance Industry as the model when developing a practical restructuring methodology for certain essential, but abusive Big Industries.

Proposal #22 – Medical Insurance for ALL Americans


HR 2007 – Pharmaceutical Pricing Controls

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The entire “legal” Drug Industry has pushed their luck a bit too far and now Americans will push them back…

We will have the revenge of the “EpiPen” community!

As noted elsewhere refer to the 2016 Ballot Proposition 61 in California about drug pricing for the general public.


Campaign Finance and Voting System Reform

HR 3000 – Campaign Finance Reform

This legislation, among other things, will override and replace Citizens United!

We will be considering a $5,000 maximum per individual, per calendar year for a given candidate.

We will be considering a $25,000 maximum per corporate entity, per calendar year for a given candidate.

We will be considering the eliminating Super PACs altogether.

There will be no more “dark money”. No undisclosed sources of campaign funds.

We will put the Supreme Court in its place with regard to campaign financing!

NOTE: This legislation will be proposed as an Amendment to the US Constitution.

HR 3001 – National Voting Day Reform

Surprise! This does not require a Constitutional amendment.

Starting with the 2022 National Congressional Election, all national-level voting every two (2) years will be held on the first Saturday in November, replacing Tuesday as voting day.

Further, the polls will open and close simultaneously across all time zones from Maine to Alaska and Hawaii. And will be open for the twelve (12) hours.

It is recommended that State and Local elections follow the same procedure.


HR 3002 – Automatic Voter Registration

As a standard practice in all states in all 50 states and DC, when people apply for their first driver’s license they will ALSO register to vote. This voter registration procedure is a standard practice in Oregon.

It will not matter if they are under 18 years of age and not yet eligible to vote as most young people seeking the license do, they will register.

This approach is standard practice in Oregon.

Further, as people relocate and/or change their name, voting records will also be required to be updated.

That will end that ridiculous problem and related Republican games.

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END - For Now!
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