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Please note, that most of these contents were written prior to the 2018 Election and thus, may refer to dates in 2017 and 2018. Please allow for the proper adjustment into the 2019 and/or 2020, or 11-3-2020 time-frames. Thank you, AJW

Our Legislative Crisis And Our Solution

The American Public’s Grievances with the Dysfunctional US Congress

Our Partial Public Grievance List

Public Grievances with Congress

Our Failed Legislative Leadership and Our Viable Voter Solution

Please read the following and/or download a free copy and forward to a friend!

Our Legislative Crisis and Our Solution

Our Failed Legislative Leadership and Our Viable Voter Solution

I have made this politically Independent perspective on our national reality as short and bluntly to the political point, as possible. I sincerely believe it is worth your time to read and consider these 1,613 words!

My second book was self-published in February 2008 – the 718-page, The Second Coming of Common Sense (CS2). If you want the details on our 2018 political mess simply go read CS2 because the reasons for it remain the same. It is just that over the last eight (8) years the economic and social mess it causes has grown far worse.

As for me, I am a professional business problem solver and a hard-core political Independent. My purpose is to present to my frustrated and struggling fellow American citizens – prudent and practical solutions to many of our long-standing public problems. I criticize both Democrats and Republicans and as a citizen have little respect for either party. I observe the Democratic Party as the lesser of two legislative (2) evils, only because they are less sold-out to serving the wants of the Wealthy and certain Big Industries. The Republican Party is also less likely to throw you a life preserver if you really needed one.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party has become excessively politically correct to the point where they cannot “just say no” to any pity party that cries for special treatment. The worse of all is their gutless approach to dealing with what I call the Illegal Occupant (IO) crisis. Was that clear enough? We cannot easily give away American citizenship and our most precious Right-to-Vote to those that are deliberate border violating felons from other countries. There are ways to resolve the whole immigration problem. See, An American Agenda, Proposal #5 – American Population Management in the book CS2 for our publicly acceptable resolution to that 30-year-old problem.

My dear fellow American citizens. Over the past 45+ years, I have observed, researched, and studied this thing called the American Political System. Had literally thousands of one-on-one discussions with people of all opinions on the proposals that are now the Independent Party platform. Our platform! Followed the ups and downs of our Domestic and Foreign policy decisions both good and not so good! Granted it is an odd hobby I admit, but it has taught me so much about the way America and the World really works – also both good and not so good.

My writing is always dedicated, To You – You the Individual American Citizen. To our Common Good. Only to present the Plain Truth whether the reader likes what they read or not. That is the pure point and purpose of “objective problem-solving.”

My 30-odd year career in Information Technology mostly in Washington, DC – taught me to analyze business problems objectively looking at situations from all points of view in order to arrive at a prudent and practical solution or two in the end. I consulted for corporations and federal agencies and came to realize that management people in both worlds were too often weak, unimaginative, and did not want to rock the boat for fear of losing their position/job. And the higher up the management ladder they climb, the more they were devoted to supporting the “System” they are working within.

Thus, practical organizational progress was too often, not the driving force behind their decision-making. It was perpetuating the System that kept them employed and/or in a position of organizational power – that drove their thinking, actions, or lack thereof. To be clear that “system mentality” exists in both corporations and government – and at all levels.

In a recent example, for the last eight (8) years, the US Congress has passed less and less public-friendly legislation, and both Parties have worked hard to get practically nothing done. They fought for over two (2) years before finally passing the first real Health Care Reform legislation in over half a century! It was still only as good for the public as the Health Insurance Industry would allow their Congress to pass. It is absolutely not what the nation needs and the Republicans constantly whine about replacing the legislation they helped to pass, and won’t state what with. The Medical Insurance Industry has not yet told them!

Truthfully consider my fellow Americans, what if Bernie Sanders would have been the Democratic Party candidate and won the Presidency this November. The Republicans in Congress would have fought every piece of legislation he proposed for 4 to 8 years, saying that he was a “socialist.” You know that is true.

The Republican Party currently holds a voting majority in both the US House and Senate, but as things stand today that balance could well change after the November election. Over recent decades the Parties have swapped control of the House and Senate back and forth. In every combination, the publicly oriented productivity of the US Congress has been in steady decline and a national disgrace!

Thus, We the People must conclude that the incumbent members of the US Congress and the Congressional System under which both Parties control their respective members, just as I have written about for years, have reached a terminally dysfunctional status. They function in direct opposition to our Common Good. This legislative public dysfunction cannot be allowed to continue.

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Our Second American Revolution

Therefore, We the People, duly represented by the American Electorate – those capable of voting on 11-6-2018 must deliberately do what has never been done before, but that which We have always had the Power to do!

Under the US Constitution every two (2) years, We the People have had the ability to vote from office all 435 members of the US House of Representatives and 34 out of the 100 members of the US Senate. To replace 87% of our failed national legislators with a single vote.

This is our historic moment in time, my fellow Americans.

This must is our patriotic challenge to each other.

Each citizen/voter, regardless of how he or she may decide to vote for the Office of President of the United States will act to vote from office their current member of the US House of Representatives.

Democrats will vote against incumbent Democrats!

Republicans will vote against incumbent Republicans!

The same “vote out the incumbent” strategy will apply if your state has a member of the US Senate running for re-election in 2018.

In 1776 our national ancestors began a bloody multi-year war to gain their freedom and to give us today the citizen Right and Power correct our elected government should they stray from serving our Common Good. They clearly have and We shall do our Civil Duty to each other and to honor the sacrifice of over 1,262,000 men and women that have died in battle preserving our solemn Right to such freewill civil action.

In one historic day, on a single national Election Day – American Democracy will be reborn! The nation and the world will be changed for the better overnight!

God bless America and our Democracy...

o     o     o     o

Our historic vote to replace 87% of the US Congress will also Declare our collective support of the Independent problem-solving platform presented by the Independent Party. Not that any of us will like every proposal in the platform – that is simply not possible! It may surprise you that I do not like all proposals in the platform that I personally developed. I presented the solution proposals that I determined would be best for the Common Good my fellow American citizens!

That politically Independent, problem-solving platform will be the growing focus of the public’s political debate in the months leading up to Election Day, 11-6-2018. For once, the members of Congress will not be able to hide behind the attention drawn by the Presidential campaign and seek back into office. Not this time!

The newly elected members of the US Congress will know with absolute certainty that We the voters have spoken. And, We expect immediate action and results, especially with those Cost-of-Living proposals.

Those newly elected and frankly mostly stunned members of the US House and Senate after their swearing-in ceremony in January 2019 will immediately begin to implement the platform you have or will find on this (www.commonsense2nd.com) website, on the Independent Party blog site, http://ouriapp.typepad.com, or on the CS2 book site http://commonsense2009.typepad.com.

Finally, the new 435 members of the US House will be on public notice that they will not waste 50% of their time raising money for their 2018 re-election campaign. If they do the job. We gave them the opportunity to do our Common Good, we will re-elect them with little or no competition. However, should they not do the job no amount of money will get them re-elected in 2020. Over the next two (2) years, the Independent Party will build an organization in every state and all 435 US Districts that support the AP Party platform. It could very well happen that many of the 435 members of the US House both Republican and Democrat could decide to become members of the AP Party.

This Second American Revolution is ours for the making.

No one and nothing can stop We the People from replacing 87% of the US Congress in a single, national and world-changing day.

And all that We need to do to make it happen is VOTE.

Therefore, let us boldly forward and do this for those we love and otherwise care about, and for the over 320,000,000 of our fellow American citizens that we will never, ever meet…

A J Wildman

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Get Registered to Vote


Needless to say, there is a lot of time to Register-to-Vote for the

November 3, 2020 Presidential and Congressional National Election

Please know that in many states you can Register-to-Vote until October of 2020 for that Election!

o     o     o     o

My personal challenge to all of our fellow American Citizens

that for whatever reason are not now Register-to-Vote.

            BEFORE, the end of this year – 2019!!

Please, Please, Please go to your local State Motor Vehicle Offices

And take advantage of the Motor-Voter-Option.

You can Register-to-Vote and also get an Official State Issued ID Card. 

That way you are Registered-to-Vote in 2020.

And that includes those who will be 18 years old in 2020!!

o     o     o     o

Why in 2019 you ask, because that will send a BOLD message to the

Republican Party dirty tricks people at the State and National levels. 

That, We the People, are serious about 2020 and they need to be worried about their jobs.  

o     o     o     o


To get registered for the 2020 Presidential and Congressional National Election, please refer to the website, www.rockthevote.com, for your particular state’s voter registration deadline and then please get registered!

Note: that the Rock the Vote organization has not been asked to nor are they supporting this movement. I just believe they are the best resource for citizens that need reliable information about voter registration for each state and DC!

Then let all of us, please go to the polls on 11-3-2020 and VOTE out against Republican incumbents at all levels of government. It is time to put the Republican Party out-of-our-business!
All 435 members of the US House of Representatives and the 33 of 100 members of the US Senate that have their congressional seats up for re-election that historic day.

They are collectively doing a terrible job and working against our Common Good!

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As if Our Nation’s Destiny Depends on It.
Because it Really Does!

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