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The Second Coming of Common Sense (CS2)

by A. J. Wildman

The book CS2 was completed for publication on February 9, 2008.

The entire 718-page book has been broken down into 44 excerpts, E01 through E44

This is the Extended Table of Contents of CS2 that includes (*) author's notes and comments from the author.

Excerpt E01
Dedication ... 7

Purpose.... 9
My Personal Thanks... 11

E01Text D/L

Excerpt E02
Part 1 — Introduction... 15
From the Author... 15
My Inspiration and Our Example... 19

E02 Text D/L

Excerpt E03
Background, Terms, and Common Understanding... 21   

1.  This Project for America... 21
2.  The National System... 26
3.  A Partial List of Public Grievances with “Our” U.S. Congress... 28
4.  The Screamers... 32
5.  Illegal Occupants (IO)... 34
6.  American Industry Restructuring... 40
7.  A Historical Political Challenge for Consideration... 54

E03 Text D/L

Excerpt E04
Part 2 — The American Condition... 57

Time and Reason... 57
American Themes.... 60

* Four basic national themes and societal necessities
* A look into Our controllable future

E04 Text D/L

Excerpt E05
We the People Are in This Together... 73

* Like it or not – We hang together
* The 2000 US census plus
* Our living generations – the younger, the more concerned

E05 Text D/L

Excerpt E06
Reconciling Our Minority and Majority Interests... 84

* To the greatest extent possible – all for one
* It is who they distrust
* America’s social progress

Our National Challenges... 99

* For them only one -- for us so many

E06 Text D/L

Excerpt E07
Part 3 – An American Agenda for 2008 and Beyond... 102
Introduction... 102

* A purely American citizen based agenda

Proposals for the Common Good... 104

* Declaring Our practical national baseline
* In our national beginning
* To maintain a more perfect union
* Think of an 11-year old child that You Know!
* Our American Challenges Circa 2008
* America and Americans first

E07 Text D/L

And Now For An American Agenda

Excerpt E08
Federal Reform Programs...117
1. Presidential and U.S. Representative Term Amendments...117

* To stabilize the out-of-control political cycle

2. Voting Day Reform – Access to the Polls... 121

* On Saturday with synchronized poll timings

3. Eligible Voter Reform... 124

* Reversing abusive law – honoring Democracy

4. Real Campaign Finance Reform ....129

* Webster defines ‘bribe’ as…

E08 Text D/L

Excerpt E09
National Programs... 133
Introduction – structure for civil society

The Big Picture – the 3 Foundational proposals
5.  American Population Management (APM)... 136

* We will decide who plays in our sandbox
* No amnesty or path to citizenship for IOs
* America and Americans first

6. English as First and Only Language... 157

* English only and our growing crisis
* A question of hemispheric balance

E09 Text D/L

Excerpt E10
7. The U.S. Re-Employment System... 170

* Employment is key to domestic peace
* Three employment sectors – a self-cleansing system
* The third employment sector -- Resource
* International population accountability sermon

E10 Text D/L

Excerpt E11
8. National Drug Reform (Controlling the Hard Drug Industry)... 189

* Correcting Decades of Legislative Sins
* A brief history of M and failed national drug policy
* What about Prohibition today
* It is time to end this war on our own People
* The Peoples Sense – the Truth

E11 Text D/L

Excerpt E12
9. Re-Considering the Military Draft – Saving Our Youth... 227

* The original Draft – prelude to war
* The new Draft – a viable means to a desirable end

E12 Text D/L

Excerpt E13
10. Zero Tolerance for Free-Will Crime by All People... 235

* The rise of the Judicial Legal Complex
* The death penalty – civil society’s viable tool
* The Peoples Sense -- no pre-meditated murder, rape, pedophilia
* National laws and local agreement

E13 Text D/L

Excerpt E14
11. The Family Support Administration... 247

* Restructuring public support – “The Last Deal”

12.  Family Basic Asset Protection... 249

* Odd title for the American Dream
* The family residence – making it happen

13.  American Owned Business Preference Policy... 253

* Americans and American business first

E14 Text D/L

Excerpt E15
Local Community Programs ... 255

* Comment and proposal list

14. Local Pride and Accountability... 255

* Change starts at the unit level
* The People’s Sense – The Mechanics of Change

15. Education – The “Final Answer” for Many Students and Adults... 260

* Want to know why kids can’ learn
* The absolute answer to No Child Left Behind

16. Physical Fitness for Our Children... 268

* The title says it all
* Simple exercise massive benefits

17. Community Service Training... 271

* Serving Our Own Community
* A More Complex Consideration

E15 Text D/L

Excerpt E16
American Industry Re-structuring (AIR) Proposals... 275
Introduction to AIR... 275

* Businesses Hurting Businesses

E16 Text D/L

Excerpt E17
America’s Economic Journey 1945 to 2008... 279


* The Last Great Leveling
* An ECONOMIC and PRESIDENTIAL Review – Notes on the Last 63 Years 
* My Perspective on the 2000 Bust – 1996 to 12-31-1999

2000 – And the Party was Over... 290

E017 Text D/L

Excerpt E18

* Mastering Our Economic Crisis… 301
* Transitioning to the Maintenance-Based Economy -- Confronting the Fallacy of an Eternal Growth Economy... 303
* American Industry Re-Structuring (AIR) Program... 305

E018 Text D/L

Excerpt E19
1. Macro Economics – Top-Down Industry Restructuring... 305
2. Industry Revitalization and Creation... 313
3. Micro-Economics – Supplementing Our Consumer Economy... 316

* The Supplemental Income Stream (SIS) Program... 319
* The Ten AIR Proposals... 323

E19 Text D/L

Excerpt E20
NEW and RENEWAL Industries... 325

* Proposals on the Lighter Side

18  Re-Cycling as a Major Industry... 326

* A Grand Commercial and Environmental Opportunity
* The American Recycling Movement (ARM)

E20 Text D/L

Excerpt E21
19  Hemp Industry – The Truth for a Change... 330

*Debunking 70 Years of ‘federally-insured’ Domestic Propaganda
*Regarding This Harmless Plant

20  Domestic Cannabis Industry... 334

* A Viable Domestic Farming and Manufacturing
* The Legal Domestic Cannabis Industry

E21 Text D/L

Excerpt E22
21 Take Back Industries (TBIs) – Domestic Manufacturing and IGEs... 342

* To Reclaim American Manufacturing and Jobs
* Income Generating Entities --IGEs

E22 Text D/L

Excerpt E23
EXISTING Industries... 346

* No Debt Owed

AIR Program Introduction... 346

* Introduction – The Big Picture
* AIR Rules of Engagement
* Acceptable “Legislative Kill Factor (LKF)"
* Why Write This Down
* As We Jon the Battle

E23 Text D/L

Excerpt E24
22  Health Care Insurance for ALL Americans... 376

* The End of For-Profit Medical Insurance
* Acceptable “Legislative Kill Factor (LKF)”
* Origin of a Practical Economic Model

E24 Text D/L

Excerpt E25
23  The Pharmaceutical Industry... 398

* Controlling the Pharmas for Our Health and $$$

E25 Text D/L

Excerpt E26
24  The Tobacco (Nailing the Most Deadly Drug) Industry... 416

* Dealing with the Deadliest Drug Industry
* Acceptable “Legislative Kill Factor (LKF)”
* According to the “King James”

E26 Text D/L

Excerpt E27
* Before the Final Act

E27 Text D/L

Excerpt E28
25  The Oil Industry... 434

* Beginning the End of Big Oil

E28 Text D/L

Excerpt E29
26  The Banking and Credit Card Industries... 455

* The Ultimate in Smoke and Mirrors

E29 Text D/L

Excerpt E30
27  The Defense (Military Industrial Complex) Industry... 474

* Coming to Final Terms with the MIC
* The DVD -- “Why We Fight”
* Issue/Problem
* A Hard Reality Check
* The Purpose of a Military
* The Draft
* Why Go To War
* Good, Bad, Truly Ugly
* The People’s Sense – We the People

E30 Text D/L

Excerpt E31
Closing Thoughts on Our Agenda... 509

* National Problem Solving is Difficult – Not Impossible

E31 Text D/L

Excerpt E32
With Regard to "The Fourth Estate"... 519

* Responsibilities of the American Free Press
* Challenging Them to Do Their Job “For The People”...

E32 Text D/L

Excerpt E33

Part 4 -- Regarding Our Three Civil Wars... 530

* Making the Founders Proud

Our First American Civil War – To Create... 531

* The American Revolution 1776 to 1781
* Common Sense by Thomas Paine
* The Declaration of Independence
* The U.S. Constitution
* The U.S. Bill of Rights

E33 Text D/L

Excerpt E34
Our Second American Civil War – To Preserve... 572

* The Civil War 1861 to 1865
* The Emancipation Proclamation
* Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

E34 Text D/L

Excerpt E35

Honoring Those that Pay the Ultimate Price... 577
Honoring Their Sacrifice

 E35 Text D/L

Excerpt E36
Our Third and Final American Civil War – To Control... 584

* Our Third Civil War 2008 to 2014
* Thomas Paine’s Analogy and Ours

E36 Text D/L

Excerpt E37
Part 5 – We the People — Will Decide Our Nation’s Future... 591

* The People’s Decision
* Deciding Not to Maintain a Dysfunctional Status Quo
* Why the Second Coming of Common Sense
The Origin and Design of Our Representative Government ... 601
* Origin and Design by Thomas Paine

E37 Text D/L

Excerpt E38
Our Dysfunctional U.S. Congress... 605

* Our Dysfunctional “Elected” Leadership
* Heart of the Matter
* Darkest Speed of the Congress
* Profiling the Congress
* My Sense of the Public’s Weariness
* Placing the Blame

E38 Text D/L

Excerpt E39
Staging the Second American Revolution... 624

* The House and a Third of the Senate in One Day
* Regarding Public Concerns
* We Control Only If We Act

E39 Text D/L

Excerpt E40
The 2006 and 2008 National Elections... 635

* 2006 Congressional Opportunity Partially Claimed
* 2008 Congressional Opportunity to be Seized
* 2008 Presidential Election
* Where the Journey Leads
* And in the End

E40 Text D/L

Excerpt E41
Reclaiming the National System and Our Nation... 649

* Deciding the Quality of Our National Future

We the People – Then and Now... 655

* 230 Years into Our National Voyage

E41 Text D/L

Excerpt E42
Our Moment in Time... 659

* May at First Appear Strange and Difficult
* This Effort on Our Behalf
* National Challenges – Them One – Us Many
* We Are Americans
* To You in Closing

E42 Text D/L

Excerpt E43
Common Sense, Thomas Paine

The original text February 1776, Revised Second Edition... 669

E43 Text D/L

Excerpt E44
The Last Page… 717

VOTE as if Our Nation’s Destiny Depends on It.

Because, it Really Does ~ AJW

E44 Text D/L

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