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In 2022, Elect A. J. Wildman - Maryland US Senator
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AJ Wildman


Please note, that most of these contents were written prior to the 2018 Election and thus, may refer to dates in 2017 and 2018. Please allow for the proper adjustment into the 2019 and/or 2020, or 11-3-2020 time-frames. Thank you, AJW

Thomas Paine, Opening Lines of Common Sense - January, 1776

"Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages, are not YET sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favour; a long habit of not thinking a thing WRONG, gives it a superficial appearance of being RIGHT, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom. But the tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason."

Yes, just because something is the ‘usual’ way things have been done, does not mean they serve
- We the People - the way things need to work today.

A. J. Wildman


Presented below are prudent, practical, and publicly acceptable solutions
to more Economic and Social Problems than you have ever seen or heard of.
Politically Independent solutions for many of our nation’s common problems.
And if you ever want them for yourself, for those you love and otherwise care about,
then You Must Vote on 11-3-2020 to make these Reforms a reality in our daily lives.
There is simply no other way.

A. J. Wildman

Our Economic and Social Legislative Reform Solutions

Table of Contents – The Second Coming of Common Sense (CS2)

CS2 - Table of Contents

Our Realistic Cost-of-Living (COL) Adjustment Proposals (2016)

COL Confront the Cost of Living

27 Proposals of An American Agenda (Published February 2008)

An American Agenda
Real Solutions to Real Problems
for the Common Good of Our Citizens

The Independent Party – YouTube “CS2NEWS” Channel Platform Groups

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Proposal Groups/Titles

Proposal #

YouTube Proposal Video Links

A - Cost-of-Living – COL
1. Grocery and Food Industry Restructuring 28 Click Here
2. Mortgage Payment Reduction 29, 26 Click Here
3. National Rent Control 29, 26 Click Here
4. Student Loan Payment Reduction 32 Click Here
5. College Tuition Control Act 32 Click Here
6. Gasoline Pricing Control Act 30 Click Here
7. Pharmaceutical Pricing Control Act 23 Click Here
8. Health Care Insurance Industry Re-Structuring 22 Click Here
B - Jobs and Business – JOBS
1. Re-Cycling National Industry 18 Click Here
2. Hemp Crop for American Farmers 19 Click Here
3. Cannabis – Small Business Only 20 Click Here
4. Take-Back Industries 21 Click Here
5. Legitimate Prostitution 34 Click Here
C - Big Issues – BIG
1. The Citizen Common Agreement 33 Click Here
2. US Population Management 5 Click Here
3. US Re-Employment System 7 Click Here
4. National Drug Reform – End of Hard Drugs 8 Click Here
5. Renew Military and Public Service 9, 27 Click Here
6. Zero Tolerance for Free-Will Crime 10 Click Here
D - Family Related – FAM
1. Family Support Act 11 Click Here
2. Family Basic Asset 12 Click Here
3. Fitness – Youth and Adult 16 Click Here
4. Community Service – First Responders 17 Click Here
E - Amendments to US Constitution – AMEND
1. Amend #28 Presidential Term 1 Click Here
2. Amend #29 US House and Senate Terms 1 Click Here
3. Amend #30 Gun Rights and Control 10 Click Here
4. Amend #31 Abortion and Life Rights 5 Click Here
5. Amend #32 Real Campaign Finance Reform 4 Click Here
F - National Administrative – ADMIN
1. National Voting Day 2 Click Here
2. Federal Voter Eligibility 3 Click Here
3. Federal Election Primary Structure Click Here
G - Climate Awareness – CLIM
The AP Party produced videos and topic related Internet links in this grouping provide concepts and perspective on serious issues that directly affect Americans and are Climate oriented. They are intended to help generate more public debate and action on these critical topics.
1. The Water Will Rise – Inches and Feet Click Here
2. Control Over US Energy Policy Click Here
3. Population Relocation Advanced Planning Click Here
H - International Issues – INTL
The AP Party produced videos and topic related Internet links in this grouping provide concepts and perspective on serious issues that affect Americans but are also are international in scope. They are intended to help generate more public debate and action on these critical topics.
1. OAS* – Rain Forest Preservation Agreement Click Here
2. OAS – Hemisphere Immigration Agreement Click Here
3. UN* – Violent Religion Intolerance Agreement Click Here
4. UN – Middle East Re-Settlement Peace Plan Click Here
5. UN – World Population Control Agreement Click Here

* Note:

OAS = Organization of American States; The OAS represents all North, Central, and South American nations.

** Note:

UN = United Nations; International Headquarters located in New York City.

Diverse People Raising their Hands

Economic and Social Reforms

We believe that Citizens have a civil responsibility to each other and the nation. In addition, there must be accountability between the government and the People. Today in America, too many cries for liberty and rights, but too often deny the responsibility that comes with those precious Rights. Our economic and social reforms will serve to prudently and fairly arbitrate the ongoing struggle between the Haves and the Have-Nots. That is a pure reality!

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