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Common Perspectives – Approaching Hard Issues

These Issues narratives will be expanded and other Issues will be added.

Re-Cycling — National Movement, Raw Materials, Manufacturing Jobs

We plan to legislate a mandatory and nationwide Recycling program that will be beneficial to the economy and the environment.
We will cease shipping some of our Recycling waste to China for them to make products with and then sell
back to us (stupid!).  We will instead build at least one full-service Recycling Facility in all 435 U.S. Congressional
Districts (average population of 750,000+) and the District of Columbia.
The raw materials generated from this program will then be used for manufacturing various products
 and creating permanent jobs for thousands of Americans.  What a radical concept!

Marijuana - Full Legalization, Small Businesses only, End of Hard Drugs in US

Our newly elected (and scared of us) Congress will immediately –  fully decriminalize and legalize marijuana.
It will be legislated as a Small Business Industry, only, and will follow the successful business model set in Colorado.
At the same time, we will begin to (finally) aggressively crush the hard drugs industry.
We will declare a National Hard Drug Sale Cut-Off Date of January 1, 2018. 
We will also demand the immediate capital punishment for hard drug traffickers starting on April 15, 2018. 
And we will wipe out the hard drug crop fields in Mexico, Central, and South America.
Let them grow HEMP!!!
After 80 years it is time for Common Sense and Hard Justice.

No more Heroin!

Population Sanity - Restrict Immigration, Reverse World Population Growth Back to 7 Billion

Through the United Nations we must prudently Demand Action on the world's Over-Population Crisis. 

And that means ALL nations.  The world is now past 7.3 billion and moving toward 8 billion that would spell disaster!
For the planet to survive we must slow and reverse this mindless, irresponsible growth.

 In the US, we will finally deal with our 30-year-old Illegal Occupant (IO) crisis. To that end we will begin a total national
registration of all those in Our country to be completed before the year 2020, replacing the 2020 US Census. In so doing
we will “finally” implement an American National ID system.  Like 99% of the rest of the world has had for many years!

The current IO population will be identified and categorized as Un-Authorized Resident Aliens and we will then decide their fate.
We will not so simply just give away our Citizenship and Voting Rights to freewill felons. 

And we will cease all legal immigration starting by January 1, 2018 thru the year 2020.  

The End of War - UN to Impose Peace Upon the Middle East, End Profit in War

Again, through the United Nations the World will once-and-for-all confront the group of nations comprising the Middle
East, including their war-loving subgroups that have been at war with each other for 4,000 years!

The UN, along with like-minded countries around the world, will organize a military force that will first occupy Syria and
bring functional peace to that broken nation and remove their dictator.  There is actually a rather peaceful way to make
that happen. Stay tuned for the details!  Following the establishment of a safe living environment, many Syrians who fled
will be repatriated to their homeland.  A very good thing.  Then, we will bring about the end of ISIS. 

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The Hard Bottom Line to Peace

It is critical for the Peoples of the World to come to terms with what is required to bring an end to any and all wars. Whether, it is the endless War on Drugs in America and elsewhere.  Or the War on Terror and ISIS.   

First, dealing with those profiting from the war such as, the Drug Lords in Mexico, Central and South America.  Or, the Defense weapons industries in the US and Russia, the biggest arms merchant nations in the world. The Truth does hurt!

Then, the truly Ugly.  Those such as certain people and leadership (in government and religion) in the Middle Eastern nations that simply love the killing and just hating another group. It is what they live for and would not know what to do if something terrible like Peace broke out!    

Some people and/or entities can be paid-off in $$$ to cease their part in keeping the chaos going.

But, for the others, Peace can and will only be achieved by making them the classic “Offer they cannot refuse”.  And we must then be determined kill those that will not accept that the world will no longer live with their sick minds.

Yes, wars do not end until the right people are no longer breathing!  The Plain Truth of it all…

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